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Default Re: Dumb Question: Drones vs. Chanter Reed Strength

Chanter Reeds vary between manufacturers, and also the Bridles can be quiet different. Check your drones out closely if you use Balance Tone as I do the bridles may be starting to tear. Either replacing the bridles or reeds are options if that is the case. Other reeds such as Rockets use what are apparently O rings for the bridles. these too can weaken with age and may actually harden with the rubber cracking.

So while attempting to balance the drone reeds to reduce air flow so you can achieve a clear over pressure shut off is fine in regards to the chanter reed you play. If there are other problems with the drone reeds you may find yourself with double toning as you've expressed.

Examine the drone reeds, look to see if they show signs of age or are reasonably intact. Afterwards, seek to remedy the double toning.
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