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Default Re: Dumb Question: Drones vs. Chanter Reed Strength

Thank you all for your kind input.

I will keep working with the drones and see if I can improve it.

I may try a different brand of drone reeds also.

I know some of it is arm steadiness... but some of it is the drone setup.

You know, I hated cane. But I never had a double-tone problem like this with cane -- the only problem with cane was they'd swell and cut off after an hour or so of playing... :-)

I don't think I'll go back to that any time soon... Just never had a persistent double tone before. Luckily, if I really get my arm steady, it disappears... mostly. :-) But obviously it is also reed set-up so I shall take all your input into consideration.

Thanks to all again.

PS -- "if you saw it move, it might have moved too far." That's a very good thing to know.
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