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Default Re: Setting up a new Pipers club (for beginners)

Originally Posted by Bluescottygirl View Post
Thanks, Adam.

There is an element of not reinventing the wheel but when I went looking a while back the only two clubs I found didn't admit ladies.....
Unbelievable ! Is that the current situation ?

I've had experience of setting up a fiddle group. It's more teaching oriented than performance though.

My advice is to be firm about how you want to see the group develop and don't try to please everybody (you won't succeed).

If you're looking for a sizeable catchment area I'd suggest going for a 3 hour slot on a Saturday evening every couple of weeks - or monthly. That makes it worth travelling.

A good format might be to have some kind of presentation/recital/advice clinic for an hour - then some refreshments for 30 mins - then "open mic".
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