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Hi Leo - not surprising that they're a Burleigh set - he has been by far the most prolific producer. Bag and bellows replacement is not uncommon especially on older sets - replacement of 'static' parts like stocks and drone standing parts is very unusual (the chanter frequently goes through bouts of fettling).

Given what you've said, it's next to impossible to diagnose such an unknown set remotely. Hie theesel' away to a pipers' meeting and have a chat with players / fettlers to see what's what - you should then be able to work out if it's just setup or a major hiatus.

Your best options are probably to get along to any of:
- 1st Monday of the month (6th Oct), NPS are having an 'away day' at the Cumberland Arms in Byker (drinking Wylam's 'Northumbrian Piper' Beer!)
- 2nd Wednesday of the (8th Oct), Cleveland Branch mtg
- 2nd Saturday, (11th Oct) St Marys Gateshead

Historically there have been groups meeting in Yorkshire but I'm unaware of anything formal or advertised at the moment.

For information / warning - it's a very small pool of fettlers and many makers aren't working on other peoples instruments at the moment. Which means there is often a significant wait to get work done.


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