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Default Unknown BP 'Parts' vs 'Pipes'

Morning - this came up in on of my eBay wanderings:
(it expires shortly and I'm not bidding - but it has me puzzled as to what it actually is!)

The seller obviously doesn't know what it is but the parts I can make out suggest it's a set of Border-ish pipes:
- 3 Drone Common stock
- 1x bass drone (3 parts)
- 2x tenor (2 parts)
- chanter stock
- blowpipe + stock for bellows
There's a mixture of ferrule materials in there - brass, horn & ivory/bone. I *think* the horn is the original based on the endcaps & the blowpipe stock looking like the most original part (and having a chip)

Most of the rest looks unconnected:
One of the chanters (ivory foot) is a complete practice chanter - (Henderson based on the box).
The red PC part looks like it's wandered in from somewhere else
One unknown chanter - either another PC or perhaps the chanter for the set (but it looks straight to me - no evidence of a taper)

Appreciate any thoughts or comments from the assembled experts - is this a known style of manufactured BP that's been fettled or mucked around with, and if so what would the original setup have been? - or is it something unknown?


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