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Default Re: Check out these bagpipes

These are my pipes and I'm not looking to sell them here. IF anybody does buy them, I imagine it'll be some guy who isn't a piper but would love to have a one-of-a-kind fully functional Great Highland bagpipe to hang on his wall next to his collection of titanium claymores, or something.

It took me many years to develop these and I made ten of them, each one different from the next. I didn't make them to sell. I made them as examples of what funky looking bagpipes could look like. I always wanted somebody to order a custom set of their own design but that never happened.

Meanwhile, these last set of pipes just sit in a guitar case under my bed, which is a shame because they really are beautiful. If nobody buys them I'll probably donate them to a museum.

They're made of brass tubing and the sound, I'm told, is right there. I covered the brass with high-density foam which I then shaped and covered in fiberglass. I smoothed that up and painted with a linear polyurethane two part yacht paint (Awl-Grip). After I did a faux marble finish I clear coated it with a high solids clear two part clear finish.

Again, not trying to sell them here, but I'm happy to talk about them 'cause they're cool and not everybody appreciates them. I spent thousands of hours making composite art pipes and only sold one. The rest I gave away.

It was still fun though.
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