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Default Re: Check out these bagpipes

Originally Posted by pipe fetish View Post
I was lucky somebody in the audience caught you guys on video.

I remember showing them to you right before you went on for your next set. You played with it for a couple minutes and then brought them up on stage and showed them to Keith. Then, completely unrehearsed, tried them out in front of your fans. Only the Wicked Tinkers!
I used to go the the PNW Games every year with a different set of pipes or two. I'd hang out in the beer garden and most pipers would avoid eye contact. But Aaron would always laugh when he saw me coming and he would pick up and try anything I had. He saw the fun in what I was doing and helped make sure I was on track with the sound. Here's the video of him and Keith test-driving the percussion pipes (second one down)-

It's my favorite video ever.
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