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Default Smallpipe reed question

I just aquired a second hand MacCallum plastic smallpipe chanter and I'd like to put it to use by sticking it on my practice goose and maybe do some quick and dirty session playing in smaller settings. The thing didn't come with a reed however. What would be the easiest (and cheapest) way to reed the chanter?

I'm assuming a proper cane smallpipe chanter reed will be too temperamental to use in a mouth blown goose, am I correct? What would be a good synthetic alternative?

I do have an Abbott PC-reed which to my ear gives a good enough tone, but its way to low in pitch, around 211 Hz for low A, and I really want to get to concert pitch 220 Hz. I can't sink the reed any further as the staple is too long. Would it be possible to modify this into a functioning reed by shortening the staple, or is there any other modification that would work better, e.g. shortening the reed blades?

Much obliged for any help. Cheers!
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