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Default Re: Losing air at bass drone

Originally Posted by el gaitero View Post
This is a very good vid Bruceís produced several year ago. Iím always intrigued by it ..because when I run the same test with EZ drone tenors I get ca 25 seconds....and the EZ reeds are set very very very efficiently and playing a 29-30Ē chanter reed.
Interestingly,I get 45 seconds on the bass alone..which is an MG Carbon.

I did try BT reeds a few years ago but did not at all care for the tone ( in my pipes) so immediately returned them to the retailer.

Well, I have managed to zero in on the reed and now am getting an avg of 1.20 following Bruce's test. So I'm happy now. Ended up opening the tongue the whole way and slowly bringing it back. Thanks
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