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Default Re: Canmore Hybrid bags

Originally Posted by svspiper View Post
In my experience, the drone grommet design and drone locations on the Canmore Hybrid pipe bags are better than on the Bannatyne. The drone positions and drone angle are better for me with the Canmore. The Canmore Hybrid bag has better vibrancy and harmonics. YMMV.

How many people have tried traditional tie-in of the chanter stock on the Canmore Hybrid? I'm interested in dispensing of the metal hose clamp for the chanter stock and using a traditional tie-in for the chanter stock. If anyone has tried this, please share your experience.

I tie in the chanter stock on my Canmore Hybrid. Works great! I don't trust the o-ring and clamp myself. Always worried that the o-ring isn't completely sealed in the groove.
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