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Default Re: Drone Reed Issues & Advice sort.

Don't want to hijack, but the thread seems to have meandered to where I can chime in

My band pipes are J&R Glen repros. I recently got a set of Selbies for them, and find that the sound is very big, brassy and fully integrated, everything that could be wanted in a band setting. Got them air efficient, balanced and set to tune 1/8th inch up on the hemp. But - I got a low volume extremely high pitched steady eeeeee sound from the tenors if even the slightest bit of air went through them before strike in, and I had to squeeze the bag down to less than half full at cutoffs, making strike ins and cutoffs more difficult than I was prepared to adjust to. Fiddling with the bridle made no difference other that making them less air efficient.

Answer: a bit of cobblers wax rubbed on the tongues as a dampener. No effect on tone, and clean cutoffs. Probably they'll need a wee rub from time to time, but that's no problem. I've heard that a dab of fingernail polish on the tongue will do the same thing. Has anyone had experience with that?
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