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Default Re: Suspicious/dubious set posted online?

Yeah, and what's with what looks like thick paint on the wood?

Here're a couple follow up images posted by the seller.

I called him out online, saying that plenty of people are questioning details regarding the set, and (at best) sounds like this fellow is confused as to what he has, and what the value might be. I politely suggested he do some research, and that he consider taking the post down as he figures it out.

His response:

"Hi everyone, I'll post up photos following this. All the silver on the pipes have the same design and nothing has been replaced since my great grand father bought them from a Gordon highlander when he was 16, as of the refurbishment my wording might have been wrong the silver was repolished along with re-hemping and glueing of metal work (I have receipts to prove so). As of labelling them Henderson that may be a mistake as I am selling them for my grandfather and he has said they were registered as Henderson in Glasgow when he was playing them. I had been in touch with someone through a piping museum in Glasgow who have said they are Henry starck design (I'll email him for permission to use his name) I may have wrongly made the link to henderson because of the comment from my grandad and a mark on the chanter that said Henderson although faded which is in a photo ill post following. Everything is in good condition the pipes are copper lined on the inside, anyone interested can contact the number I've posted or on Facebook(which will be a slower reply). If there is any issues ill gladly remove the post"

The following photos are what he put up afterward, which of course, are not much of an improvement.

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