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Originally Posted by Texas Gael View Post
A few years ago I was hired by a very large church to play Highland Cathedral with their orchestra. I took the opportunity to show up early for the rehearsal as the sanctuary had good acoustics and I wanted to play an older ABW Kintail chanter that came with my original bagpipe (I was using another chanter for the performance). As I was getting some practice in, some of the musicians arrived early and sat in the pews listening. After I was through, they chatted me up, very interested in the bagpipe, and told me how much they enjoyed listening. One question, though, "Why did you keep putting your hand up on your drones?". Why, between sets I was tuning. "You mean you can tune it?" Shows how much the GHB is an enigma even to other trained musicians. The performance came off quite well.

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I used to teach the pipe and at a local high school. The pipe band would accompany the marching band for parades and the assistant director would always say to me “have them play that one bagpipe song” (StB) while the band was marching along. Apparently he couldn’t be bothered to learn the names of different tunes or recognize that we even played different tunes, I think.
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