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Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
The head-shakingest part is when a comment like that comes from somebody with a Doctorate in Music!!

The background is that I used to play in a dance band that played a number of Bulgarian dance tunes. As many of you might know, Bulgarian folk dances occur in rhythms that seem strange to non-Bulgarians, but which in Bulgaria are as commonplace as the jig and reel are in Scotland.

These Bulgarian dance idioms are perfectly regular and predictable, as all dance music must be. If they weren't, you couldn't have all the members of a dance band and a roomful of dancers in perfect matching rhythm.

So out at a Highland Games I was chatting with a piper about Bulgarian music. He maintained that the music was "random". I countered by asking how a Bulgarian band and dancers all perform in matching rhythm. "I have a Doctorate in Music" he said "and I can tell something with a rhythm from something that's random".

I tried explaining Bulgarian rhythm, to no avail. He had that Doctorate, and nobody could tell him anything.
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