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Years ago I was playing a wedding that also had a string quartet. After the 'soundcheck' we were talking and one of the violinists asked, "How did you get this gig?"

"The union." I said.

"Which one?" say the violinist.

"The Musician's union." says I.
"What's your instrument?" from the violinist.
"Bagpipe." I said, a bit slowly.
"But that's not really a musical instrument is it?" she said, seeming very confused.
I left to get a beer.

Just this year I played a golf tournament that I've done for about 20 years. It involves playing each 4-5some over a suspension bridge from the 10th tee to the fairway. There are about 60 groups. I start at 7:45 and play the last group over around 5:45. I then hang around until 7:30 to act as the dinner bell. Anyway, as it's a long, somewhat boring day I entertain myself by never repeating a tune (except by request.) About group 45 I walked back to one of the tables outside the clubhouse, set down my pipes and took a seat to wait for the next group. There was a guy sitting nearby who'd been there most of the day. He said, "Man, you've been going all day!"
"Yep. Still have a ways to go." I replied.
"You ever going to play anything different?"
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