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The site you refer to is illegal and has been ordered to be taken down in the past due to legal action by some very well known pipers and composers, one of whom is an international lawyer as well as a gold medallist. There was a long legal battle, which involved this forum due to links being posted here.

The site contains hundreds of examples of piper's tunes being made available despite the composers and family's of the composer legally objecting. Make no mistake, it is illegal. It was taken down, but obviously it has been put up again after being assigned a new URL, so I'm guessing another legal battle will emerge now that it has been made known.

But the main thing here is that you have to own the copyright to a tune in order to be able to post it here. We used to allow traditional tunes to be posted here, but we had too many people posting or asking for tunes by the likes of, Gordon Duncan, for example, claiming they were "traditional". This would result in a lot of moderator time being used up in trying to sort out the legality of what is or isn't traditional. In the end, so many man hours were being used we felt we had no option but to exclude tunes that the poster did not own the copyright to, hence rule 5.
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