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Default Re: Logistics and Politics of the RSPBA

I looked at the available online numbers quickly and came up with:

RSPBA Scotland branches and RSPBANI taken together: 257 competition bands.

Land area of Scotland and Northern Ireland: 36,350 square miles.

To get a sense of scale, in Australia that would be the second-smallest State, larger only than Tasmania.

Among Canadian States that would rank 11th in size, larger only than New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI.

Among States in the USA that would rank 38th, between Virginia and Indiana.

Tasmania, New Brunswick, and Indiana taken together (three times the size of NI and Scotland taken together) don't have anywhere near 257 bands, I can assure you.

As far as logistics go, with Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England taken together you have over 300 competition bands within easy travel distance of Glasgow. It might seem like quite a drive, say, from London to Glasgow but that trip is 100 miles shorter than the drive halfway up California, from San Diego to San Francisco. The trip from Belfast to Glasgow is only a third of that.
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