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Default Pipe bag for smallpipes

I'm getting a new bag for a set och MacCallum SSP, mouthblown, and I'm wondering about choice of pipe bags. Since they are mouthblown I want synthetic to make it as breathable as possible, and I'll need a zipper for the moisture control. I have found two options:


Bannatyne (the plain zipper one)

Any thought on which would be better? Any other alternative I should consider? Size recommendation (for a 6'1" reasonably hefty guy)?
I'll add that I did have a Canmore smallpipes bag (bellows tied in) but I didn't like the shape. It just didn't sit right under my arm.

Should I consider Bannatyne's bag with grommet instead, for the blowpipe? My experience with grommets is that it's impossible get the right ange for the blowpipe, it just springs forward. Is old fashioned tie-in better in this regard or just as bad?

Are "normal" GHB-style bags very uncommon for smallpipes?

Lot of questions I know, thankful for any input.
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