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Default Re: Pipe bag for smallpipes

Just got my new bag in the post, a Canmore goose bag with zipper. That puts me in the next scary phase: cutting the bag and tying in the stocks. There are no collars in the bag and I have'nt been able to find any guidance in tying in the stocks. My main concerns are:

- Placement of common stock

- Placement of blowpipe stock

- How to do the actual tying in of stock given that it's a synthetic bag

I've tied in chanter stocks previously so that's no problem, and I have seen some info about cutting and tying in stocks in skin/hide-bags, but haven't seen anything specific about how to do it in synthetic bags.

Can you give me any tips or pointers? Any common mistakes I need to avoid? General rules about placement of the stocks? The bag is quite costly so I'd preferrably get it right the first time...
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