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Default Re: Pipe bag for smallpipes

I've seen a synthetic bag (not hybrid) tied in the same as a leather bag, with a star cut and twine/cord. I've also seen tape used. I would probably use a circular cut, tie in with cord, and then tape the seam.

As far as placement goes, I have surveyed my Hughes, Garvie, Banton, and Kinnear smallpipes/border pipes and they are all very similar. Though I imagine you have a template to work from with your old bag?

Anyways, if you fold the bag in half such that the tip of the chanter stock hole is even with the back of the bag, the common stock goes on the blowpipe side of the fold. Below is an image of my Hughes mouthblown smallpipes demonstrating this. The Garvie and Kinnear common stock hole was also just along the fold but higher up, just below the top fold; this higher placement would put your drones on a more of a diagonal whereas on my Hughes set with the lower hole the drones stick straight out to the side, horizontally. The Banton set has the common stock even farther forward toward the chanter stock but it is bellows blown so it doesn't have a blowpipe stock to contend with; it is also higher up closer to the top fold than the Hughes shown below.

So my research suggests you'd put the common stock hole completely under the top fold, but quite close to it, and also completely on the front half of the bag, just past the fold were you to fold the bag in half. Blowpipe is similarly up near the top fold, as usual.

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