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Default Re: Pipe bag for smallpipes

I tied a Bannatyne synthetic bag onto my Walsh mouthblown smallpipes several years ago. For the common stock, I took the position from my old bag. The main difference between tying in this stock and tying in those of a set of highland pipes was that, because of its size, I could not insert the common stock into the opening cut for it from the inside of the bag. I had to insert it from the outside. Of course, if you have a zippered bag (mine was not), you can insert the stock into the bag and then push it through the opening from the inside, just as you would for highland pipes. The other problem was that the inside of the bag was very smooth and slippery. I found that I had to tape the stock in position in order to be able to accomplish the tie because the stock kept slipping. A Canmore bag should not be slippery on the inside, but the Bannatyne has some sort of smooth finish applied to it.

On the whole, if your bag is zippered, it should not be a big problem to cut the holes and tie in the stocks, which you can do in the same way as for highland pipe stocks.

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