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Default Re: Pipe bag for smallpipes

I just want to make a little report of my progress: I finally did it, and it was not at all as difficult as I had feared. The synthetic bag was more a lot more stretchy and pliable than I imagined and the tying in-result was to my (untrained) eye very good. Airtightness is fine and I'd post a picture of the tie-in but i covered it with the black sticky-stretchy tape before i thought to take a photograph. Here is a picture of the complete set instead, and I've even sown a custom cover for them

The only nag is that I should have placed the common stock a little higher and a little further forward, but all in all I'm very satisfied. Thanks for your tips and advice, it was very helpful and encouraging. Now all that remains is a lot of playing!

Cheers from Sweden!
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