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Default Kilt Sizing

Main questions: Where is the kilt size generally measured from on the actual kilt? Does the size coincide with a certain hole on the straps of the kilt? Should a size 34 kilt be a 34 at the very last holes of the kilt straps?

Context: I recently bought a used ex-hire kilt from a seemingly reputable Ebay seller in Scotland.

I usually wear a 33/34 in pants, but know that doesn't necessarily indicate kilt size. So, with the seller's instructions, I measured at my navel and am right around 34.

My thought was that any small gain/loss through the years would be alright because of the various holes of the straps.

When I got the kilt, it is beautiful btw, I tried it on and it is TIGHT on the loosest fitting of all the straps. There is an attached tag by the store that says 34, but there's a handwritten mark on the inside that reads 32.

The store owner told me that sometimes these kilts see adjustments. He has been very responsive thus far, but my concern is with shipping it back. The store will exchange it no problem, but I am responsible for shipping costs back to Scotland. My entire goal was to find a decent, used kilt at a budget price. If I measured incorrectly, then that is fine. But if they sent me the wrong size, I don't think I should be responsible for shipping.
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