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Originally Posted by celtickc86 View Post
So I did this and it measured out to 53, than came out to ~35 when multiplied by .666. Does this mean it was made smaller? How difficult is it to move the straps?
Yes unless it had complex alterations by a kilt maker it was originally built to be around a 35 inch waist.

It's super-easy to mover the buckles (not the straps) on the wearer's right: each buckle is on a cloth tab that's stitched onto the kilt. (Actually some kilts only have one buckle on the wearer's right, while most modern kilts have two).

You don't move the straps; they're attached to the edge of the upper apron side.

You carefully remove the stitching holding the cloth tab (which holds the buckle) onto the body of the kilt (I use a seam ripper) and once the tab is free you can move it to any location you please and sew it back onto the kilt body. Since you're making the kilt bigger, you would move the tabs away from the kilt's centre-back and toward the front apron.

You can pin the tabs in place and try on the kilt to make sure it's correct before you sew the tabs onto the kilt.

The single strap & buckle on the wearer's left is a different story: since you're making the kilt bigger you just buckle it further out on the strap. If you run out of strap, look to see if the strap is at the very edge of the under-apron. If not, move it there. If so, you'll need to sew on a longer strap.
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