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Default Scottish Smallpipes - New Reeds for an Old Set

I've recently come into a set of bellows-blown SSP in D. The previous owner said they were about 20 years old. The bellows are not 100% airtight, and I don't know about the bag or the tie-ins. The reeds are in definite need of replacement: the original owner seldom played the instrument in question, and it shows in the fact that the reeds are inoperable.

The silver lining is that the wood looks to be of good quality (though I cannot identify the species), and the workmanship also looks to be of good quality.

My questions are:

Where should I look for a new bag and bellows?

How do I measure for tie-in?

Are SSP reeds of standard design, and, if so, from whom should I order?

If SSP reeds are not of standard design, what information/photos would allow an educated guess as to the maker?

Are there any considerations I'm overlooking?

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