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Default Re: An experiment in notation

[QUOTE=Matt Willis Bagpiper;1345298]I don't play it that way (if playing a light throw, I play all three gracenotes the same length). /QUOTE]

Yes, that's the issue with any such system - there are quite a few movements where there are reasonable alternatives, and standard notation leaves the question open.

keeping the standard 1/32 notes but replacing the note heads of what I call the "percussive" gracenotes

Which raises the question: how do you notate an E strike? And a high A?

That would have helped me a lot when I was starting.

That's what I'm wondering! As a teacher it's very easy to overload information and the bagpipe is particularly prone to it since you need to know so much to play three notes in a row. Hence I'm wondering whether this comes into the helpful or hindral category...
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