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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Panceltipiper, thank you for your kindness

The issues you are having with plastic chanter reeds is common enough and can be explained.

The hG problem is a particular problem with plastic but is also common in cane reeds, especially molded. It is not such a problem with ridge cut reeds but they also have a different set of issues. The very aggressive ridge cut like Megarity do not suffer the hG issues so much but can be bendy from D to F and you generally need plenty of tape depending on the chanter.

If I knew how to post a diagram I could explain it better but such is as.

You will notice that the hG is such an issue with the current high band pitch that G1 have actually moved their hG down the chanter 2mm compared to the Shepherd it seems to be modeled after, to flatten this note. It does the job so well that my Dad has by request, made a drilling jig that locates in the F & E holes with pegs with a guide hole to drill a new hG 2.4mm lower. This sort of creates a 2 hole slot so if you use a reed that has a sharp hG you tape the original hG hole and the newer hole gives a tuned hG. If you want the original hole only you can just move the tape down. Because of the tape no one can really see what you have done. This sharp hG is not a real issue with the lower you go in chanter pitch.

With the McLaren flat E you need to move the silicone bridle up towards the lips a couple of mm. This will firstly have a sharpening effect on the F & E before it has too much impact on the other notes. If this does sharpen up the E then contact Malcolm and explain to him your issue. My Dad and him speak to each other often and I know that Malcolm will help sort out your problems if he can.

Malcolm has been working alot lately on a new modified McLaren reed which addresses some of the issues pipers are having with the stronger range of reed so he is always trying to improve. Just drop him a line and tell him the issue and the colour of the plastic, the colour of the binding and the pressure number written on your reeds.

As for the comments about the naysayers, such is life. These trad nutbags have been about for a long time and will continue to find drums to beat. Considering that there are people on this planet that still believe the earth is flat, the piping nutbags are not even in the picture.

Innovators are always going to put up with being fed a few shit sandwiches from time to time and this can actually have a positive driving effect. If not for the innovators, we would all still be dragging our knuckles.

I play many community and commercial gigs with the 2 bands I pipe with so competitions are a smal part of my piping life. I enjoy competitions because while the trad nutbags can have a crack at you, there are also some very gifted and compassionate judges that are worth listening to, it is just a price you need to pay. I also pipe for competitive drummers and that is also alot of fun so it is as my Mum says, with every spoonful of honey, there is a spoonful of shit, deal with it.

Thank you again for your kind comments, I appreciate them.
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