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Default Re: Why are some better than others?

In my mind, there's the obvious genetic component. But I don't imagine it's a true like good genes mean good piper thing. I would hypothesize that it's more along the lines of predisposition.

I also think the timing of when he/she/they start has something to do with it, neural plasticity fluctuating the way it does.

But, the pieces that are under conscious control to a large degree are what interest me most. Production and consumption.

Production being practice, performance, and thought. Everyone seems to agree that practice is necessary. More specifically, practicing to develop beneficial habits (not detrimental habits) is necessary.

I also agree with Colin MacLellan's post from early on in the thread: environment. I know from my own perspective, it seems like good young players are really good right now. And I would argue that it's easier to consume incredibly talented pipers' music than it ever has been before. You don't need to buy an album, sneakily record Pipeline, or live near great players to hear great players. Just go to YouTube.

In the world of creative writing, it's pretty universally accepted that to become a great writer, you have to be a voracious consumer of writing. I'd bet that piping is no different.

Development of opinions and exposure to great playing are key ingredients to being a great player.

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