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Default BalanceTone B flat drone reeds

I played my first gig using BalanceTone B flat drone reeds and an older R.G.Hardie chanter with Sheperd B flat chanter reed Saturday I like that the Balance tone reeds seem to work at any pressure- not problem striking in, but...

This was the second out-door gig of the day for me, and it was cold ( around 30˚F with a light breeze) so after a while I had a struggle keeping the drones in tune. As in the past, I took the reeds out after a bit and blew the water out and kept playing, but unlike previous similar situations, the tuning kept chasing about. It wasn't until I got home after the gig that I found the cause. The pins which adjust the volume by partially closing of the aperture are hollow and were filling up with water (condensation), which stayed put even after blowing through the reed from the reed seat end and swabbing the bodies out with Q-tips. I found that when I took my pipes apart to swab them out later that evening.
Live and learn.
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