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Default Re: Tips for maintaining concentration

What I did a while back that really improved my focus capabilities is practice with a twist.

First off, my normal routine is to rough tune my pipes, play a few 6/8s or fun tunes and then tune my pipes finely. After that, I play all of my competition tunes straight through, only stopping if I really need to retune my pipes.
This helps the pipes, and the piper to figure out ways to stay in tune while you are going out of tune.

But for focus workouts, I do the above while listening to other music. Not piping. Like, if I am practicing jigs I will be listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. You'll be surprised at how difficult it is to play music while hearing completely different music and tempos in your head, let alone trying to play musically.

It worked for me, and I got the idea from a story I heard about how Tiger Wood's dad used to jangle chains and make as much noise as possible while Tiger practiced putting.

While I know that the odds are I will never have to compete with my headphones in listening to Queen, it certainly makes the noises of general life seem very small when you are keeping your focus.
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