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Old 05-02-2012, 06:09 PM   #31
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Default Re: Husk Chanter Reeds

I'll second what USMCpiper said. Great reeds. To be more precise, my band sets our Shepherd chanters at 478. I had no problem setting my alternate chanter, a Kyo laminate the same. I had to tape the F just a smidgen and that was it.
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Old 05-14-2012, 06:32 AM   #32
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Default Re: Husk Chanter Reeds

Originally Posted by Macleod View Post
Well I've just had my first 15 minutes blow with a husk reed and so far it has exceeded my expectations! I'm not one for believing hypes or jumping on bandwagons and it was just out of sheer curiosity that I decided purchase a reed from Mr Husk. I've had loads of problems getting a decent sound from my Poly McC2 solo chanter since I bought it a couple of months ago. I was on the verge of thinking that maybe the chanter was never going to sound as good as i'd hoped but I realise now all that was reed problems (thank god!).
I, too, have an McC2 solo chanter (ABW) and while I have not had a real problem with past reeds, I purchased 2 Husk reeds because I was down to only one playable reed which was a bit "fickle." Anyway, I just received my reeds and they are awesome!!!! I started to blow one in immediately, and it settled into my MCC2 chanter quite nicely at 466 -- nice low A-High A octave as well as low G high G -- no screeching on high A. It fit perfectly into the reed seat without adding any hemp like it was "custom" made for my chanter. I wanted to play longer (long enough to start fine tuning with tape), but it was almost 9 PM and I had to shut it down for the evening so as not to keep the neighbors up -- can't wait to play this reed again this afternoon after work... need to tape a bit on one or two notes on the top hand to fine tune, but thought I'd play the reed a bit more before doing so.

Thank you Shawn -- really nice reeds!!!


P.S. -- I have no incentives for promoting Husk reeds. This is my honest review of the reeds I purchased for my McC2 chanter. I hope my post has not violated any forum rules. I am a bit confused by the recently communicated policy, in general. I understand the purpose, but it would be very easy to violate it without knowing it!
"By Faith and Fortitude" Clan Farquharson
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Default Re: Husk Chanter Reeds

I had Shawn make me a few border-pipe reeds. He had never made one before but was able to make a reed that works very well in a reduced highland bore, Hammish style, chanter on a first try. It was as good or better than bridling and scraping down an easy Soutar which is another good BP alternative. Seth
Seth Hamon ~
Border Pipes, Swedish Pipes, Uilleann Pipes, & Scottish Smallpipes.
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