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Technique & Instrument Related to techniques, to the instrument, to the components, to maintenance.

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Old 07-10-2018, 08:39 AM   #21
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Default Re: Blair Digital Chanter - Connect to PC?

Originally Posted by brent View Post
It is likely possible that by messing around with Anvil studio you can get that to output the sound, but to be fair I haven't spent too much time looking at it.

Found the setting involved.. Was Under View- Synthesizers, MIDI + Audio Devices

So now I have sound as I play
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Old 07-11-2018, 03:09 AM   #22
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Default Re: Blair Digital Chanter - Connect to PC?

I have at last had a reply from Murray Blair, he has been away on holiday hence the tardiness of response.

I am communicating with him and I shall when we have resolved the matter post the setup used to play direct into an HP Spectrum PC or other like systems using Win 10.
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Old 07-11-2018, 03:16 PM   #23
Murray Blair
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Default Re: Blair Digital Chanter - Connect to PC?


Ive just replied to your message and as explained, have been away only just returning to the office today.
Please also make contact with the outlet (retailer) where you purchased the chanter, they should also be able to offer support.

The chanter has 2 outputs; Audio and Midi (data, via the USB port)
Audio sends sound
MIDI sends data

- Audio can be approached like any other device or instrument such as guitar, keyboard or iPad/ mp3 player etc in relation to recording sound on a PC.
To record the audio an interface is required along with software on your PC. There are many audio interfaces, some PCs also have them built in. Simple free to use software apps like Audacity are online. The configuration would look something like Chanter output > audio interface > PC > Software

Not being fully aware of your setup, a quick search online of how to record the sound of your keyboard on your PC returns a number of helpful articles explaining a variety of gear. I primarily use Mac (Logic/ ProTools/ Garageband) however the concept of recording audio into a PC is primarily the same - the challenge is activating ports/ channels/ inputs on your individual PC with the software used.

- MIDI (data) is output via the USB port on the chanter which can connected directly into a PC. Its important to note this is data only, not audio.
When connected to your PC the chanter is detected and can be configured to trigger other software sounds available on your PC, such as software synthesisers, drums, etc.
The Blair Chanter does have a built in MIDI interface so a direct connection can be made between the chanter and PC.

I hope this is a start in answering your questions, but again please also get in touch with your retailer so we can both help.

If you are in Scotland during Piping Live!, call in for a hands-on session to go over the setup at the Glasgow Royal Concert hall during the trade fair.
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Old 07-21-2018, 03:10 AM   #24
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Location: Hondon de las Nieves, Espana
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Default Re: Blair Digital Chanter - Connect to PC?

OK many thanks to all who contributed to my query especially Murray at Blair's. I have now got it all up and working using the USB to PC connection and it now shows in the device manager, I can also get it to play through Anvil Studio although I am having problems doing the same with Audacity. But will work through that. If anyone can help with the settings OS Win 10.

It would appear that the main problem I was having was due to Hewlett Packard when they produced the Spectre x360 did not produce the sound system with a Stereo Mix facility - and they still have not addressed the problem despite many complaints.

I have used the Rode SC4 on my wife's Samsung laptop and it works but no joy on the HP.

Guess I will have to keep fiddling with the system to get the best out of it.

Very impressed with the Blair Chanter now I have it set up to my choice of fingering sensitivity especially with the heat we have here in Spain I was continually suffering from dry fingers with the Deger Mk2 not so with the Blair.

My thanks to all - please close the thread.
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