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History, Tradition, Heritage As related to the subjects of piping, drumming and pipe bands.

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Old 12-27-2019, 07:28 PM   #1
Seán Donnelly
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Default Gibraltar, 1727–8: ‘Pride goeth before ... a fall.'

November 30. – To-day being St. Andrew, a Scottish gentleman, bearing the dignity of a sergeant, dressed in a Highland manner, viz., his plaid, blue bonnet, broadsword, dirk, target, target and snuff-mull, made his appearance before Lord Portmore and had the liberty to have the bagpipes to attend him and his retinue in honour of the day. But some unlucky Welch wags, envying the gallantry of Sawney, dug a hole in a part of the town which covered the common sewer, which bonny Jocky had the good luck to descend into and marred his plaid and bonnet. This unlooked for accident spoiled the evening’s illuminations.’ [pp 16–17]

January 2, 1728. – Here is nothing to to do, nor any news, all things being dormant & in suspense, with the harmless diversions of drinking, dancing, revelling, whoring, gaming & other innocent debaucheries to pass the time; & really to speak my own opinions, I think & believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were not were not half so wicked & profane as this worthy city and garrison of Gibraltar. I beg leave to be understood that the great officers are not any of them guilty of the above-mentioned irregularities in the least.’ [p. 21]

February 7. – Came in a ship from Ireland laden with women from whence come great numbers of these necessary evils.’ [p. 22]

March 1… being also St. Taffy’s day we had great & drunken rejoicings among the noble race of Shinkin of the life of Owen Tudor.’ [p. 23]

March 17 being St Patrick’s day was celebrated by the shamrocks in a stately drunken manner.’ [p. 23]

John W. Fortescue, Following the drum (Edinburgh and London, 1931).

Fortescue was quoting a manuscript journal of the 1727 siege of Gibraltar by an unidentified ’S.H.’ now in the Gibraltar National Museum (Neville Chipulina, ‘1727 – S.H. Anon – Innocent Debaucheries’ @https://gibraltar-intro.blogspot.com/2012/08/chapter_7.html). The siege lasted from February to June 1727, when an armistice led to an uneasy standoff. The author had a sardonic sense of humour, but his journal can be grim reading, particularly early in the siege, when the garrison and the civilian population were hard-pressed. The unlucky sergeant and his attending piper(s) came, presumably, from either the 25th (Scottish Borderers) or the 26th (Cameronians), both of which were part of the garrison. The ‘shamrocks’ referred to would have been a detachment of 18th (Royal Irish) which had arrived from Minorca as reinforcements under their colonel Sir William Cosby. The officers of the 18th could be Irish-born, but the rank-and-file were not, as recruiting for the British Army was forbidden in Ireland during the early 18th century. Still, the regiment cultivated an ‘Irish’ identity, celebrating St Patrick’s Day’, and having a ‘piper to the colonel’s company’ down to the early 1740s.
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Old 12-28-2019, 09:47 AM   #2
Holy smoking keyboard!
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Default Re: Gibraltar, 1727–8: ‘Pride goeth before ... a fall.'

Thank you. Sean!!,

'Twould seem... that many of our sudden
thoughts... habits... and senses of humor...
come down to us... through long and well
established... Lines From Our Past... :)

Nothing like a bit of Roarin' Precedent...
to properly undergird... a bit of Present
Frolic!! :)

Thank you!! :)


My friends all know,
With what a brave carouse...
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