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Beer Tent The general discussion forum, and the place to start a new "beer-tent-like" Piping Related discussion...

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Old 09-01-2017, 05:52 PM   #11
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Default Re: Pipe up some good fortune

Originally Posted by djmclaws View Post
I'm in too. Sunset it is.
7:35PM Wildood, Missouri. ✔
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Klondike Waldo
Holy smoking keyboard!
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Default Re: Pipe up some good fortune

Originally Posted by Klondike Waldo View Post
7:17 PM in Braintree, MA.
Done: Started 3 minutes before with "The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You", "The Streets of Laredo", "Nearer, My God, To Thee" and then Amazing Grace at the appointed time.
Slainte Leibh/ Slan Leat, Bob Cameron
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Old 09-02-2017, 10:23 AM   #13
Piper Mike
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Default Re: Pipe up some good fortune

Looks like we got a great group of pipers out there last night. To those that were willing to take the time to bring some good fortune to those that have lost everything thank you. It's good to know there's still some of us out there that still cares. Thanks again
Life is stressful, so at least lets have fun with the pipes
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Old 09-13-2017, 03:45 PM   #14
Rick Pratt
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Location: Port Aransas, Texas, USA
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Default Re: Pipe up some good fortune


I am the guy who asked Mike to pipe up some good fortune and luck for the folks here in Port Aransas which was badly damaged by Harvey.

I am awed by your response.

A gracious thanks to all and to Mike for putting out this message.

We are all working hard here to recover and resume but we are a long way from done. our town is littered with destroyed houses and every street is piled with debris of wet mattresses, tangled wires, broken lumber, twisted roofing kids toys and all manner of the remnants of many lives glued together with mud.

the town smells of declay and our folks are hollow eyed with exhaustion but still carrying on.

Power has been restored ot much of the town and that is a blessing.

here is a first sight sitrep I wrote upon entering town for the first time after this cat 4 blew us apart:

this is the first time I have had access to a computer since the storm hit.

the devastation of Port A is incredible. the fact that only one died is even more so.

this is a far worse storm then Celia or the 1919 storm which were on record as our worst.

Our house came through with very little damage due to a careful selection of building site. We chose a spot high in the dunes and then built a low profile house. It worked.

then add the major ingredient: luck.

neighbors all around took a lot of damage. much of my neighbors house is now in my pond. I hope the fish are enjoying it.

the Farley boat works fared much worse, with a lot of destruction.

Our shop is coasted with mud ujp to the 3' mark where the storm surge came through and left indescribable mess behind. everything is scrambled together. the motors on our big tools will need replacement.

the row of boat storage barns we converted to a maritime exhibit hall was damaged but not destroyed. the row of barns immediately behind the shop are a tangled mess of boats, wires, tin roofing, rope, mud and lord knows what else. The antique Farley fishing boat stored there was badly damaged.

the third row of barns lost a roof, battered by the parts of the building next door as it exploded and sailed away.

The shop yard is covered in roofing tin, broken wood and insulation.

the town is a mix of piles of rubble, seaweed and wrecked buildings
interspersed with damaged but standing houses and then collapsed houses. many many roofs are gone, framing and all.

mixed in are occasional louses with no apparent damage.

Several friends lost houses, one in particular pulled up its foundation and floated off a few feet. another traveled fifty feet and stopped in the middle of the town drainage channel, leaning at a steep angle.

The liquor store peeled away from its foundation but left all the bottles standing in their racks. the local scavengers made short work of that and it likely kept them drunk and happy and saved our houses from looting for three days.

the marina took a big hit and lots of boats sunk or rammed into other boats and took them down. One big one broke loose and raised havoc all across the harbor finally fetching up on the Coast Guard bulkhead. the three folks inside it were unharmed. they now have one hell of a story to tell and a big case of PTSD.

the University of Texas is nearly destroyed. both major buildings were damaged so badly they may have to be torn down I am told.

then insult to injury, a big drill ship moored up the channel broke loose and destroyed their research pier. It is now grounded against the jetty.

the beach is now far wider and lots of new sand was deposited there. It is littered with a nice collection of seashells. further down toward the south end , it is covered with wreckage.

the light house, all by itself a mile from town, was damaged heavily, but all the buildings still stand and the tower only lost a lantern window. The dock raised itself up to the lkmit of its sunken pilings...10'...and is now as high as the porch on the first house.

And on and on and on.



And an update from four days ago:

Here is an update from Port A.

We have two refugees living with us while we help them recover what few goods we can salvage from their totally destroyed houses. Both buildings were picked up by the storm tide, moved and dropped elsewhere. A world of mud, filth and broken things, with floors leaning at 30 degrees.

the town stinks with decay and stagnant water. Mosquitoes are thriving.

Piles of debris are slowly being hauled off. I counted fifty washing machines and refrigerators in piles on one street. decayed soaked furniture piled on top of wet mattresses , curtains and unidentifiable things. What were houses are now tangles of wires, wood, kids toys and roofing, held together by black mud..

At the end of these very long days we we are exhausted and numb. We rise again each morning and rejoin the fight.

It is a big event when the power crews get to your neighborhood and re light you if you still have a house and if the wiring still exists. I comforted one very distraught lady when the crews reached her but her wiring was not in condition to be hooked up. she had been counting on this event and it was almost more then she could bear when it failed to happen. one more gut punch. Insult to injury.

Folks are hollow eyed and tired, wearing their last dirty clothes, as they go about trying to make order of this chaos.

Lots of groups have set up grills and pits and are giving away food. Refugees drift in for whatever is offered and catch up with the whereabouts and welfare of neighbors and friends.

Every corner has cases and cases of bottled water for the taking. We struggle on heartened by this pulling together.


Rick Pratt
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Holy smoking keyboard!
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Default Re: Pipe up some good fortune


From Brownsville and Corpus... and now around the
Gulf Coast... and the entire state of Florida... and down
island through the Antilles... so much devastation... so
much loss....

Our hearts and thoughts and prayers... go out to you all...


My friends all know,
With what a brave carouse...
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