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Technique & Instrument Related to techniques, to the instrument, to the components, to maintenance.

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Old 12-07-2018, 11:45 AM   #31
Mac an t-Sealgair
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Default Re: Modern Brakes on Tempo

Originally Posted by 3D Piper View Post
In addition to the video Pancelticpiper/Richard posted earlier in the thread, here is a more recent vid of a pipe band moving troops. Upbeat (110ish) crackin' 6/8s! Very clean too


Imo there is nothing technicaly difficult in playing a 6/8 at that tempo...... The issue I think most people have beef with is how competitors are playing 2/4s, strathspeys and reels.

I don't give 2 hoots about playing for 'military' or marching troops across a desert, I want to make good music, subjective as that is.
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Old 12-14-2018, 10:23 PM   #32
Chris C.
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Default Re: Modern Brakes on Tempo

I keep remembering what my teacher and PM Angus Ironside used to always tell us: "Make it sing!"

Every time I play, whether practicing, or for others, that mantra keeps ringing in my ears.

He was trying to get the band to slow down (beginner and intermediate pipers can have a tendency to speed through stuff, for various reasons), and let the tunes sing (and, of course, give our Grade 3 fingers a chance to hit the notes and embellishments more cleanly). But then, he was an excellent player, and he played the tunes the same way, a bit more pointed in places, making the tunes sing. It did not get lost on most of us.

There is something to be said for fast playing of certain marches and other ceol beag music. But I myself would rather hear the pointing of the notes and clean fingering. We're playing tunes, after all, and some of them were based on folk tunes that weren't necessarily slammed through at lightning pace.

I play slower for various reasons. I don't compete, so that is not a factor. Some of it is my admittedly limited ability. But I also want to hear and feel the notes. When I play for others, they want to hear the tune also.

It can always be sped up later on, once you have it down, and you're not so concerned about a miffed embellishment here and there.

As for the original post, I wasn't so aware that in competition the BPM of tunes has slowed down. And that last video is pretty cool. But that dude is really hitting the bass drum. It resonates off the walls. When I was in a band, the bass was apparently not supposed to be heard outside the circle. Different style and purpose?
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Old 12-16-2018, 05:02 AM   #33
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Default Re: Modern Brakes on Tempo

The 5 Scots video was superb...nothing short of magnificent....I'll take that sort of playing over a top competition band all day long.
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