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Forum Related Related to Forum software; questions, suggestions, ideas ...

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Old 08-21-2005, 07:42 AM   #11

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Default Re: Trading Post - safe trading, suggestions, ideas..

My impression Bob, is that 99+% of all transactions here are great. I can count, on less than one hand (actually) all the complaints I have heard about - and I'm guessing that I have heard about nearly all?...

My goal here, in gathering ideas and suggestions, is not to create more work for me or the moderators - in the TP there is already WAY too much work for the mods, but sadly that seems to be the only way to keep it working (thanks to Ken and Andrew!)

I think most people sell stuff very infrequently, so tracking, and listing of sellers would be a lot of work, for little or no payback.

As far as getting a 'cut' - happily the sponsors have willingly lined up to help me pay the bills - we don't need any more money (one goal I had was to run this place with no fees for the viewers - and amazingly that is working well).. We have the Trading Post only as a service to pipers and drummers, and like this whole place, we want to find a balance of minimal 'supervision' and something that works easily / well / comfortably.

The only goal here (this thread) is to share ideas and experiences that make Trading Post transactions work well.. (not looking for money, not looking for more work, not looking even for more rules)

Maybe, that I started this thread in the Forum Related Forum, gave the impression I was looking for rules, changes, software, people extras to help or to change.. I actually started the thread here rather than the Beer Tent, simply because Beer Tent threads so often spin in a silly direction..

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Old 08-21-2005, 08:17 AM   #12
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Default Re: Trading Post - safe trading, suggestions, ideas..

Hmm. I think I'm not communicating the $1 Paypal idea very well. It's not a fee or cut on every sale, rather a one-time nominal transaction that makes you an approved seller. That will: 1) scare off most scammers, who'll head for easier prey, and 2) provide a physical record of Paypal account info (address, etc) which will also deter people from trying to be dishonest, knowing that their information is held in record to the moderation here. For that matter, you could re-donate the $1 donations to charity or even refund them after 6 months (alhough who wants to track that nonsense?). I only mention it, since as a moderator on another automotive message board, we started to see a huge surge in membership, followed shortly by a rash of bad transactions. Having this process caused that to cease almost immediately.

The second idea is to keep a list of good/bad traders, much like eBay feedback. Essentially, post-transaction a buyer or seller can use the Report Post function on a locked topic to add their feedback. A moderator will review the feedback and add it to the appropriate list. Participation and use of the list would always be voluntary.

Another idea is to simply post a sticky with some guidelines including the use of an escrow service for high dollar transactions (set of full silver pipes, for instance). This is already pretty much in place.

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Old 08-21-2005, 09:32 AM   #13
Thom Lenahan
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Default Re: Trading Post - safe trading, suggestions, ideas..

I wonder why any suggestions or ideas are really necessary? If as you say(and there is no reason not to believe you)that 99.9% of all transactions are OK then why change anything? I have bought and sold items here and have had nothing but great results! As with any transaction anywhere people have to use common sense and be responsible for dotting the i`s and crossing the t`s so both parties are in agreement.Will that guarentee 100% satisfaction? I doubt it, cause this just ain`t a perfect world,but it`s a chance you take to get the kind of exposure that the "Trading Post" offers,thank you by the way. So,I kind of like the "If it ain`t broke,don`t fix it" rule myself...!

just my $.02,
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Old 08-21-2005, 01:39 PM   #14
LJ Neville
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Default Re: Trading Post - safe trading, suggestions, ideas..

Hello Thom and all,

Looks to me like Bob is asking not for suggestions about what the Forum might do to ensure safe trading, but for recommendations regarding what individuals wishing to buy or sell might do to avoid potential problems or misunderstandings. I personally don't think Bob needs to do or change a thing about the Trading Post; my belief is that we could use a lot less paternalism and much more individual responsibility in the world in general, so IMHO any type of increased oversight on the part of the Mods would not only be too burdensome on them but inappropriate.

Since you've had good experiences Thom, why not share what you think ensured the success of those transactions if anything beyond blind trust in a person you "know" as a fellow Forumite? Sharing tips on safe trading may assist in keeping that "99.9%" figure (or whatever) going as the Forum membership grows.

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Old 08-21-2005, 09:05 PM   #15
Thom Lenahan
Holy smoking keyboard!
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Western Mass.
Posts: 1,788
Default Re: Trading Post - safe trading, suggestions, ideas..

Hi Laura,
I can`t say that I have any particular system to ensure "good" transactions other than,in the case of selling an item,supplying accurate info and pictures(if wanted)of the item and agreeing on any trial period/return possibility,who is responsible for shipping,insurance,etc. I ask for payment by money order and then ship item upon receipt of payment.I keep all e-mails involved in the transaction and would hope the other party would do the same should any question come up.If the buyer is a long standing member/frequent poster of the forum you can probably get a feel for the person reading some of their posts,if not I guess there is an element of "blind trust" you might have to consider depending how bad you want to sell the item. Pretty standard stuff,nothing out of the ordinary....maybe I`ve been lucky but if Bob`s estimate is accurate at all I think for the most part we have a pretty good group here on the forum.
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Old 08-27-2007, 07:10 AM   #16
Forum Regular
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Location: Ontario
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Default Re: Trading Post - safe trading, suggestions, idea

Hi all

Well I did get ripped off one time on Ebay. My fault I spoz but never again..

Here in Canada we have a great thing we can use using the good old Canada Post
They have what they call Collect On Delivery or COD and it works great.
I have used this service here quite a few times for amateur radio gear transactions and just recently I bought a set of Nails from a fellow near Peterborough using this method.
Safest way to go as far as I am concerned

Here is the blurp about it from Canada Post site however, this is only good in Canada. They will not do it out of country.



What Is Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)?

Collect on Delivery (domestic) is an option available with the following services:

* Priority Courier
* Xpresspost
* Expedited Parcel
* Regular Parcel.

Collect on Delivery is a domestic service by which an amount due to the sender is collected by Canada Post upon delivery, on behalf of the sender. The amount and method of payment must be specified by the sender.

Before the item is handed over to the addressee or his representative, the addressee or his representative must pay the Collect on Delivery amount as specified by the sender on the Collect on Delivery form. The sender may include in the amount of Collect on Delivery charges:

* the value of the item
* service charges in the case of repairs
* sales taxes
* postage
* Collect on Delivery fee and special service fees, when applicable.

When the addressee of the package pays with cash, Canada Post will collect up to a maximum of $1,000 and will send a Money Order to the sender.

When the addressee of the package pays by cheque, post-dated cheque, travellerís cheque or Money Order, Canada Post will collect up to a maximum of $25,000. The amount collected is then forwarded to the sender. Cheques, travellerís cheques and Money Orders must be payable to the sender.
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