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Beer Tent The general discussion forum, and the place to start a new "beer-tent-like" Piping Related discussion...

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Old 09-14-2019, 08:11 PM   #21
Doug Walton
Forum Gold Medal
Join Date: May 2005
Location: U.P. of Michigan, USA
Posts: 628
Default Re: Gordon Walker

Originally Posted by MacTallanambeann View Post
Seems to me that publicising and making it known to all within the piping world that a well known member of the community should not be allowed to work unsupervised with children wanting to become the next generation of pipers is a service to the piping community and is well within the terms of 'piping related'.
Yes. Absolutely.
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Old 09-14-2019, 08:15 PM   #22
Doug Walton
Forum Gold Medal
Join Date: May 2005
Location: U.P. of Michigan, USA
Posts: 628
Default Re: Gordon Walker

Originally Posted by el gaitero View Post
The allegations were first raised in print in early 2007 ..probably examined initially during 2006. And dealt with accordingly by the courts.
What more to do?

I’m simply of the opinion that it “now” has nil to do with ‘Piping’... as this forum does...ergo the subsequent turn of the initial post IMO is as irrelevant to BDF as bringing forward Messrs.Weinstein or Turner.
Quiet, you. You’ve been afforded the luxury of a public forum for far too long, not only for your repeatedly inane responses here on so many minor matters, but now most unacceptably on this highly egregious and heinous subject of child molestation.
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Old 09-15-2019, 03:21 AM   #23
Adam Sanderson
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Posts: 7,953
Default Re: Gordon Walker

As there has been mention of "the moderators" often on this thread, I thought I'd chip in.

First, I'm surprised this story has come up now, it's been common knowledge since at least the 2nd of February 2107, when Gordon Walker's arrest made the newspapers in Scotland. And yes, many Canadian and American pipers knew about it, as I had frank conversations with some of them about it.

It's a difficult situation, Gordon Walker has been found guilty and convicted. He is both a convicted criminal and a talented piper. We have had at least 3 members of this forum in the past who have been convicted as paedophiles. I myself was interviewed several times by an agent from the Crimes Against Children squad of the FBI in New York about the online practices of Pat Martens, a former forum member and practising paedophile. Although Martens was convicted, he still used this forum and chatted with young members. Apparently I helped secure a further conviction. It's our duty as citizens to report sexual crimes against children. We should be appalled by them. There would be something seriously wrong with us if we didn't.

We can't deny Gordon Walker is a world renowned piper. We also can't deny he has been convicted of crimes of a sexual nature against children. I'm willing to let the thread stay open as long as it doesn't descend into lynch mob mentality. I didn't use the fact that Pat Martens was a piper to prevent me from contacting the FBI. We should not use the fact that Gordon Walker is a piper to throw a blanket of silence of his convictions.

This is not an easy thing for me to discuss. I have known Gordon Walker since the 90's and have spent a fair bit of time with him over the years. I was shocked to the core about the allegations and hoped they were not true. The courts have decided otherwise and he has been convicted. I, and a lot of other people, have to accept that.

el gaitero, you seriously need to wind your neck in. You've been given more temporary bans on this forum than anyone I can remember. I'd suggest that would give an indication that you are probably not very qualified to issue statements on what can and can't be posted on this forum.

As long as this thread remains civil, on topic and adheres to forum rules, it will stay open.

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Old 09-15-2019, 04:19 AM   #24
Holy smoking keyboard!
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: London Town
Posts: 5,636
Default Re: Gordon Walker

Originally Posted by el gaitero View Post
Cuz....IMO,..what’s it got to do with bagpiping...anymore?

It may come as a massive surprise to you, but piping isn't actually a happy family where all are equally treated and all are equally welcome. I have heard some hair-raising stories over the years from people not willing to tell them in public because of the kinds of reactions we've seen on this thread. This stuff really happens, it really happens to people you know, and they have to decide to keep their heads down because it's the safest thing for them to do.

I posted above a quote written by Rob Wallace, who without a shadow of a doubt knew exactly what the allegations were and went ahead and wrote that. As long as that attitude persists, people in this community are not safe.
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Old 09-15-2019, 07:34 AM   #25
Bob Harper
Forum Silver Medal
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Nashville
Posts: 456
Default Re: Gordon Walker

There was a person in a position of trust who abused that position and trust to abuse young people. I think this thread serves an important purpose, if the takeaway is that everyone involved with teaching piping to young students should make sure they have protections in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening on their watch. You know that this case isn't the only instance. Somewhere, this is going on right now. Maybe this thread will help stop it.
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Old 09-15-2019, 12:06 PM   #26
Holy smoking keyboard!
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: North America
Posts: 3,697
Default Re: Gordon Walker

Greetings to All,

First and Foremost... Thank you... Adam Sanderson... for
your cogent and balanced overview. It was much needed...
and I concur that this should stay open... as long as we do
not descend... into overly-personalized... "La connerie"...

As a quite personal reality... I have found myself... Times
Past...on both ends of this particular stick... and both as
someone having depositional knowledge of crime(s)...
though 98% were of vastly different kinds than this one...
but also having served as an Officer of the Court... and
having to balance... solid appearance... from elusive fact...

Crimes past? Sentences imposed? "Let it ride"... and except
for present and future educational purposes... to what purpose
our thoughts and speech?

Only this... that the innocent... and the young... be protected.

And... that any rightly or wrongly perceived "social discomfort"....
that stills our hearts and tongues... does not cast us headlong
into that dark mire... of complicity...

Granted!!... sometimes a tough call... but far more ghastly still...
for those already ensnared... or for those who shall become so...
if no timely... and courageous word... is not spoken...

I try... to balance the above... with the remark attributed to the
American author... Mark Twain... who was reported to have said
something along the lines of: "I think I know no worse person than
myself."... and I must... truly... concur...

But... and nonetheless... still it stands... if we see something...
we should say something... lest we be enshrouded in that dark
mire... of complicity...

With Regards... and Hope... for us All,


My friends all know,
With what a brave carouse...

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Old 09-15-2019, 07:56 PM   #27
Forum Regular
Join Date: Jul 2014
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Posts: 290
Default Re: Gordon Walker

This type of thing is sad to hear. I, also, was highly shocked to read the articles about how the fairer sex has been treated in the pipe band scene. I’ve had great experiences so far in the piping world. It’s a shame not everyone can say the same.
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Old 09-15-2019, 08:34 PM   #28
Andrew Lenz
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Posts: 10,673
Default Re: Gordon Walker

This tale is a good reminder that we all need to be vigilant and not be too trusting when minors are involved. I recall a story from decades ago of a well-known—now deceased—piper staying as a guest in the house and later stories circulating of how he slept with his hosts' teenage daughter. It's a mind-boggling betrayal of trust.

Unfortunately, it's the few bad eggs that cause us to scrutinize the innocent majority. But scrutinize, we must.

I'm surprised that Gordon Walker was sentenced to no prison time simply because he'd never been to prison before. With that criteria, eventually all the prisons would empty!

Such a tragic story all around of self-destruction and victimization.

Andrew T. Lenz, Jr.
BagpipeJourney.com - Reference for Bagpipers

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." ---Mark Twain
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Old 09-15-2019, 11:58 PM   #29
Søren E. Larsen
Forum Silver Medal
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Silkeborg, Denmark
Posts: 458
Default Re: Gordon Walker

Oh, I have just looked into this now, and this is for sure a tragic story.
And I'm very sorry to hear about this.
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Old 09-17-2019, 12:21 PM   #30
Dan Bell
Forum Clasp
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Columbia, MD
Posts: 912
Default Re: Gordon Walker

Some of us have young students, some of us have children who play, some of us play in bands with kids. I think discussing how to deal with situations like this is entirely on-topic, as long as the discussion is about what we can do to prevent future abuses. It did strike me as odd that Gordon Walker's situation received so little coverage within the piping press. Preventing the abuse of anyone by people in positions of authority is certainly something worthy of discussion.
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