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Old 12-28-2005, 01:07 PM   #1
Forum Member - Shy or Quiet
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Isle of Skye Scotland
Posts: 24
Default Favorite piper??

My favorite piper ever has to be Gordon Duncan. What other piper have you ever heard of that has composed more than 30 good tunes. Many of which have flats and sharps in them. Mind blowing stuff. It's a shame he passed away recently.

My favorite piper alive has to be Fred Morrison. He is a good composer, and is a very talented whistle,highland pipes and uilliean pipes player.

Top notch both of them
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Old 12-28-2005, 01:32 PM   #2
Forum Clasp
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Suffolk, UK
Posts: 773
Default Re: Favorite piper??

where do you start!! Angus MacColl...John D Burgess....Dr Angus MacDonald....Roddy MacDonald ( obviously..Im awaiting publishing of his book!!) Martyn Bennet.....where do you end??
Stand Fast Craigellachie!
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Old 12-28-2005, 10:10 PM   #3
Steve S.
Forum Gold Medal
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Edgewater, MD
Posts: 539
Default Re: Favorite piper??

I have alot of the Master series and my personal favorite is Jack Lee. Every recording I have heard his pipes sound outstanding and the playing is extemely clean and precise.
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Old 12-29-2005, 10:19 AM   #4
Redneck No1
Forum Member
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Belfast N.Ireland
Posts: 43
Default Re: Favorite piper??

Got to agree wa piping-hot, Gordon was an excellent piper and guy. I had the pleasure of playin' with him in Lorient years back. Ian 'n him were then with the Vale, I was with the Robert Armstrong Memorial, after our band duties Gordon 'n I would take our pipes 'n go buskin' around the various wee bars, great memories.

Uillien pipes:- the best I ever heard (live) again in Lorient was Paddy Keenan.Outstanding piper, I would reccomend y'all try 'n get some of his recordings. Ya won't be dissapointed.
"There are only two teams in Liverpool. Liverpool and Liverpool reserves"....The late great Bill Shankly...R.I.P.
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Old 12-29-2005, 10:26 AM   #5
Holy smoking keyboard!
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Salem, Oregon
Posts: 3,994
Default Re: Favorite piper??

Doogie's right! Where to start (or finish)!

Without making selections (I have too many), I would simply ask, "Favorite for what style?" My favorite for piobaireachd isn't the same for MSRs or for hornpipes, jigs, and so forth. Also, I have some favorites as pipers for dancers that wouldn't make my other lists.
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Old 12-29-2005, 01:08 PM   #6
Forum Member - Shy or Quiet
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: San Diego, Ca
Posts: 24
Default Re: Favorite piper??

Gotta go with Angus MacDonald. I had the very fortunate pleasure of getting lessons from home about 10 years ago at the Ohio Scottish Arts School when he was a guest Instructor. Never met a piper quite like him.
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Old 12-29-2005, 03:51 PM   #7
Forum Clasp
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Posts: 938
Default Re: Favorite piper??

Stu Liddel!! Not only is he a great piper, but once at PHSD (or this one time at band camp ) I started to spray him with a hose that I found, and he can running at me full force and tackeled me down a hill!! but yeah I would have to say him...

Drew Brown
"Play the music, don't let the music play you"

Sir James Murdoch III of Durham
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Old 12-30-2005, 02:16 AM   #8
Forum Silver Medal
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Riverside, California
Posts: 309
Default Re: Favorite piper??

Rob Crabtree. A joy to hear at Summer piping school recitals, a good friend, and an excellent teacher.
-How do you want us to hold the pipes?-
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Old 12-30-2005, 05:27 AM   #9
Dave Gallagher
Holy smoking keyboard!
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: St.Ann Mo
Posts: 4,382
Default Re: Favorite piper??

Willie McCallum. The Best. So many great pipers, but Willie is #1.
And a really nice guy too.
The Best Pipe Band in the World
When the foemen reel before them in the thunder of the fray,they shall shout your name in triumph at the "Dawning of the Day"
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Old 12-30-2005, 05:38 AM   #10
Holy smoking keyboard!
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Posts: 1,193
Default Re: Favorite piper??

I really like Angus MacColl's nice steady and controlled playing, some of my favorites are his 4/4 marches. Fred Morrison's interpretation of the music and laid back style on his sound of the sun CD was a breath of fresh air for me. Of course Gordon Duncan is one of my all time favorites. I love Lorient Mornings.

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