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Music Discuss specific tunes, the writing of tunes, other questions, concerns, etc. related specifically to the music or music books.

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Old 02-02-2008, 01:23 PM   #1
Ian Lawther
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Default Requesting Music

When members sign up for these forums they agree to abide by the rules. However many do not seem to read them before they agree to them. With regard to this music forum Rule 5 is very important:-

"Posting of, or sharing material to which you do not own the copyright is not permitted. Neil Dickie posted an excellent explanation of his (and our) views (which has been appended to the bottom of these rules, as a further expansion / explanation of this rule)"

We are happy for people to help each other find published sources for tunes but blatant requests for copies of tunes will be deleted. If you ask for a tune and it is deleted don't just post another request - it will also get deleted.

We will also delete posts that reference URL that do not honour copyright laws.

You will also find posts getting deleted if you post a reply saying you have a tune.... that is interpreted as a defacto offer to send a tune.... banned in this forum if you do not own the copyright.
Also, if you post a reply saying "check your p/m or e-mail" that seems to be a public/forum statement/flaunt that you have sent a copy of music which is banned in this forum if you do not own the copyright. It would seem to be insulting to think that people do not check their pm or e-mail... and would have to be reminded...also would be interpreted as an offer to respond to other requests.

Also, if you ask for a private mail..... you are defacto asking to be sent music.... against forum rules if the potential sender does not own the copyright...

The tendency as moderators is to delete such posts when we see them and/or they are brought to our attention.... repeated attempts may result in more pointed action...

This is why some posts go missing.

The further explanation od the rule from Neil Dickie is below.

An expansion of Rule [ 5 ]:

below is the text of Neil Dickie's January 15, 2002 post on the subject of "Asking for music":

Here's a bit of this topic's dialogue...

Q - why don't you enter it into the BMW program???....

A - because it takes a long time and is a pain in the @**

Ken explained the Forum rules on this. Pretty clear I think.

But further, please consider this. Bagpipe Music Writer (and Finale, Sibelius, ABC etc) are described as music writing software, not music copying software or music plagiarizing software. I think we should use the software as intended.

I use BMW Gold to write music and to arrange music for my band's use.

Before BMW I used to write music out by hand. It took a long time and was a pain in the ass too. I don't think I ever asked anyone to write it out for me, though.

So here's some common sense guidelines about the distribution and transcription of music...

In general: Use BMW and the like to WRITE music. Please don't use it to re-publish anything. We are all well aware of the boundaries here, so let's grow up and use the tools we have at our disposal properly.

Published Music: There is no excuse for laziness and cheating. There are directories everywhere. Find them and find out where the music is published then order the book. You can get any in print book in 2 or 3 days now.

There isn't a piper alive who can request the BMW manuscript for "Itchy Fingers" and still claim to believe that it is public domain material. It's in Marking Time. I think you would owe Mr Mathieson the courtesy of buying his book.

New stuff and/or Unpublished Music: Take the extra step for unpublished music too. Unpublished usually includes new compositions and arrangements of other material (mostly trad). If you want the music for Blue Cloud, find out who the composer is, track him down through this forum or some other tool and ask if you can get a copy. I can do this. So it must be fairly easy to do! I do it this way all the time. Terry Lee does it this way. Bob Worrall, Jack Lee, Michael Grey, and hundreds of others all do this. We Honor the value in a piece of musical art and do our very best to use the music in a proper fashion.

Most composers are actually quite flattered to be asked for music. If they won't give it to you, then accept it. I guess some composers don't want their tunes played, odd as that may seem. Sometimes refusal is because we have written a piece specifically for one performer or band to use and we may not give out music in that case.

Remember this - it might seem pissy, but the truth is that the Clumsy Lover belongs to me. Dunrovin Farm belongs to Michael Grey. Hellbound Train belongs to Mark Saul. etc etc. Unless you write it, no music "belongs" to you. You are implicitly afforded the right to learn it when you receive the music by permission of the composer. Publication is this permission. You have no right whatsoever to adjust, copy, rewrite, record, transmit or perform for monies that music without the rightsholder's permission.

In piping we allow some exceptions to exist. You can perform these tunes in competition without paying the rightsholder. You can also distribute the music within your band for no charge also. (Other musicians look at us in horror when they learn of this practice!)

You really should seek permission to record the tune or perform it in concert. Sometimes the composers waive the fees, sometimes they ask for rights to be honored. Sometimes they ask for a t-shirt and a copy of the CD.

In conclusion, 3 options exist. Buy the book, get a copy from the composer/arranger or listen to the music and transcribe it for yourself (but you can't give it to anyone after that).

Quite frankly when I see someone say that it takes too long and is a pain in the ass I am appalled that such an attitude exists within any artistic community, especially one in which I am a member. Perhaps, sir, you believe that blowing in your new reed takes to long and is a pain in the ass. I would suggest you make a more sincere and honest effort to do Honor to your craft. Be less lazy, and work for your successes; the reward derived from honest effort is infinitely more satisfying than the acquisition of anything through sloth.

I hope I never see another person soliciting music on this or other forums. (It's okay to say "where can I find tune xxx") I hope to see people making a real effort to find music through the proper channels. And I hope that a vigorous dedication to do it the "right way" will result in a healthier and more Honorable community of musicianship.

Well, one can always hope I suppose.

Neil D >>

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