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Technique & Instrument Related to techniques, to the instrument, to the components, to maintenance.

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el gaitero
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Default Re: Tenor Drone all of a sudden won't tune

Originally Posted by Klondike Waldo View Post
I do the same, so each tenor drone reed in every pair is marked I and O for Inboard and Outboard ( or 1 & 0, for the mathematically inclined), and the tuning screws are adjusted so the drone tops line up (more or less)

I just mark only one with a C for center....
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Default Re: Tenor Drone all of a sudden won't tune

Curiously, my vintage Lawries have a built-in mechanism for knowing which reed is which: One reed seat was reamed larger by a previous user. This is to the effect that one can simply look at the amount of hemp on one reed and know to which drone it belongs. I can't think of any other reason this was done, other than the aforementioned.

As for mismatched tenor reeds, I reject any set of drone reeds wherein the tenor drone reeds are not matched as perfectly as possible. Even if you move the bridle to compensate, the two tongues, now of differing effective mass, respond differently to changes in pressure. While it is often that one tenor drone is bored a hair off-spec from the other, this does not seem to have an effect on the ease and durability of tuning, if the reeds are properly matched. If the tuning screws are set a bit differently, that's OK, maybe indicative of the drones being a hair off-spec to each other, but more than a quarter-turn or two, and I start wondering about the reeds themselves.

The real trick is getting two matched tenor drone reeds, and a bass that follows them - this is highly individual on a maker-by-maker basis.
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