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Overtone A=480 Drone Reeds

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  • Overtone A=480 Drone Reeds

    These new reeds were developed by Patrick McLaurin and myself, and Patrick, being the Tone Meister he is, it took 2 years of development. The reeds also needed to stack up against a saturated market of very good reeds and they also needed to have some merit besides a price point.
    Since the reed's low key introduction they are being accepted on their comparable performance with other products.
    After field testing the reeds an Alberta band has purchased reeds to equip the whole band. Also received the following from a very satisfied customer.

    Hi Terry,

    The reeds arrived today. They are even better in person. I think they might be the closest thing I have heard to cane. Croziers were my previous “closest to cane” but I abandoned them years ago because they were so finicky. If these stay this steady and keep sounding this good, you will take the band scene by storm. John E.

    Stay Safe, Terry Ackland