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Command Your Bagpipe! Merchandise now available!

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  • Command Your Bagpipe! Merchandise now available!

    To celebrate reaching 5,000 subscribers on YouTube, I'm excited to announce my new line of COMMAND YOUR BAGPIPE! merchandise! There are men's shirts, women's shirts, children's shirt, mugs, hats, water bottles and more! I hope to be coming up with more fun and creative bagpipe T-shirt designs as, well, you can never have too many bagpipe shirts!

    And for the rest of July 2020, everything in the store is 15% off! No need for coupon codes. The discount will appear after adding it to your cart.

    Link to my COMMAND YOU BAGPIPE! eBay Store!
    Matt Willis Bagpiper
    YouTube Channel Winner of the 2020 The Big Rab Show Awards for Best Social Media!
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