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Birchen Music & Publishing now on Patreon

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  • Birchen Music & Publishing now on Patreon

    Hi all,

    I'm very excited to unveil a shiny new Patreon page devoted to piping music! It's now ready to deliver many of the newest and most compelling musical offerings from Birchen Music & Publishing on a regular monthly basis. The 'benefits'—exclusive or early-release audio recordings and sheet music, along with exclusive related geek-out commentary—are the same for every membership 'tier', available to subscribers who may choose from four different pricing levels depending on individual financial circumstances. Please click on the below link to find out more:
    If you aren't yet familiar with the 'Patreon' phenomenon: it's a simple and safe subscription-based online platform whereby everyday fans can help support and inspire their favorite creators—in other words, you can become a patron of the arts, a patron saint of sorts! In return, you gain access to a variety of 'benefits' as described above. You may change your membership level or opt out at any time.

    ~ Tim