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New album! 'The Birds' Flight', featuring T.Cummings, P.Sutherland, B.Kolodner

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  • New album! 'The Birds' Flight', featuring T.Cummings, P.Sutherland, B.Kolodner

    AnnouncingThe Birds' Flight, a culmination of several years' worth of collaboration between Tim Cummings (pipes), Pete Sutherland (fiddle, song), and Brad Kolodner (clawhammer banjo). Traditional and otherwise familiar Scottish pipe tunes were handpicked and re-imagined to become compelling, authentic-sounding Old-Time/Appalachian-style hoedowns and waltzes. ...Or perhaps that's not at all what happened, and these are in fact genuinely traditional Old-Time tunes that, like much of the established repertoire, naturally possess Scottish DNA, but are only just now resurfacing after more than a century of dormancy. The truth is sometimes murky; but the tunes, songs, and performances featured in this collection are anything but!
    Tim Cummings is a Vermont-based composer and multi-instrumentalist (chiefly a piper) who enjoys an uncommonly diverse repertoire. His music spans from contemporary and sacred genres to the traditional melodies of the British Isles, Appalachia, Cape Breton, Brittany, and beyond.

    A warm-voiced singer/songsmith, accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and veteran of many great bands, Pete Sutherland is known equally for his potent originals and his intense recreations of age-old ballads and fiery fiddle tunes.

    Regarded for his delicate touch, expressive style, and original compositions, Brad Kolodner has rapidly gained national attention for his unique approach to clawhammer banjo. He regularly performs across the country in a duo with his father Ken Kolodner and with the acoustic roots quartet Charm City Junction.