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Guidelines for this Forum

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  • Guidelines for this Forum

    After some discussion and many suggestions, we'll try this.

    The goal is to simply offer a Your Announcement Forum for those in the business of selling or manufacturing piping related supplies.

    Who may post?
    - All vendors may post in this Forum.
    Current, Forum sponsors are welcome to post up to two messages each month, vendors that are not Forum Sponsors are asked to limit their posts here to no more than one every two months.

    (I hope this does not seem harsh? I'm trying to respect our sponsors, but I also want to give all vendors a chance to announce new things)

    What may be announced?
    - News, new things, changes. Have you made changes to your web site, do you have a new web site, are you offering new products, etc..

    We'll start with that small set of guidelines, and I will expect (as always) that my private email will fill whenever some posts seem to miss the spirit of this new Forum.

    Just like the YA Forum, here you can post the announcements but there will be no replies.

    If you're a vendor, manufacturer, in the business - please DO NOT post in the YA Forum - use this Forum.

    If you have comments about this Forum - please email to me, or post in the Forum Related.