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New YouTube from Matt Willis Bagpiper!

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  • New YouTube from Matt Willis Bagpiper!

    Hello! I wanted to let the folks here know that I have been created new YouTube content over the past few months and wanted to share it with the community here. Here are a couple of the video series I have:

    Hydrate 5 reeds with one reed case! and other bagpipe product reviews!

    COMMAND YOUR BAGPIPES: Tips and strategies to make you a stronger and more confident piper

    Matt Plays the SCOTS GUARD Volume 1: I'm currently 23 tunes into this classic tome of pipe music and plan on continuing until I've worked through the entire book!

    Unboxing Videos: These are always fun! I've unboxed a set of Nate Banton smallpipes, a Blair Digital Chanter, and even a $130 bagpipe off of Amazon

    How-To Guides: Guides so far on how to tie-in to a synthetic bag, as well as how to wrap your joints, be it with hemp or polyester thread.

    If you find any value from these, I'd love for you to subscribe! But mainly just want folks to know about this resource. I'm posting several videos a week and have no plans on slowing down.

    Matt Willis Bagpiper
    YouTube Channel Winner of the 2020 The Big Rab Show Awards for Best Social Media!
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