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    I'm sure there will be many of you out there who are still enjoying your Douglas MacPherson Bagpipes, and as some of you will be aware he retired last year, after serving his 5 year apprenticeship way back in nineteen-oatcake...making that many years of standing behind a lathe creating bespoke hand turned pipes.
    Me - I've been his long suffering partner, however in terms of the bagpipe, I allow myself the title of sufferer because my youngest son also fell under the addiction, winning the 2015 world championships with Shotts.
    So, this little book here which I wrote and illustrated is really in honor of them both, or should I say 'all' because we mustn't omit the bagpipe.
    The first link is a YouTube video with Scott reading the book, and the music is played and written by him also, and the second link is for the book.
    I hope it brings a smile.