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Summer piping school

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  • Summer piping school

    Here is some information about my school that I am doing again this summer along with Murray Henderson down here in Southern California. It is a great school where the focus is on instruction and bagpipe sound. We cover all the bases. The dates are July 6th through the 11th. Please contact Ian Whitelaw for information. email: [email protected]
    telephone 310-634-9726.

    "This school provided a minimum of a year's
    worth of world-class instruction on
    piobaireachd-playing as well as Ceol Beag. I
    have also attended other piping schools. I have
    found that it is rare to find instruction that is
    applicable to one's entire style and repertoire.
    However, this school provided just that type of

    Mr. Whitelaw and Mr. Henderson achieved it
    with their expertise, patience, and ability to
    explain music theory, Scottish piping idiom,
    piobaireachd interpretation. And of course,
    everyone in the course walked away from it
    with a professionally set-up set of pipes with
    other-worldly tone.

    I recommend this course to anyone truly
    interested in improving their piping.
    Melissa Bautz, Lander, Wyoming

    Ian Whitelaw
    (310) 634-9726
    [email protected]

    Included in the school of piping will be:

    The study of piobaireachd
    Extensive MSR training
    The language of canntaireachd will be covered in detail
    along with a history of Scottish music and traditions.
    The art of setting up the great highland bagpipe to
    produce the best possible sound and how to maintain it.
    Murray Henderson Master Musician and one of the
    worlds greatest players will talk about the art of reed
    and bagpipe making.
    Competing in solos and bands
    All types of reed manipulation

    Tuition: $500.00
    Accommodation: $50.00 dollars per night
    located at: Mary and Joseph Retreat Center:
    5300 Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes,Ca 90275
    For information contact Sydne - 310-377-4867