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McGregor Memorial Competition 2013

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  • McGregor Memorial Competition 2013

    The Highland Society of London sponsor the McGregor Memorial Competition which is held each year as part of the Argyllshire Gathering. The purpose of this note is to let all interested pipers know what is happening in relation to this year's Competition.

    Sadly Angus Nicol who administers the Competition on behalf of the Highland Society of London has been ill and is not well enough to organise this year's event. Until Angus is well enough I will take over Angus' responsibility for the competition on behalf of the Highland Society. Torquil Telfer of the Argyllshire Gathering will handle entries.

    Because of his illness Angus has been in hospital for the a little while and not really been able to access his email nor letters until very recently. Torquil Telfer will contact all those pipers for whom we have entries but it is possible that some entries may have "slipped through the cracks". If you have entered and not heard anything yet, or you want to enter please contact Torquil. Any enquiries can be sent to [email protected] , Frithard, Connel Road, Oban, Argyll or +44 7985160250 A brief summary of the rules of Competition can be found on the Argyllshire Gathering website at:

    To ensure that no one who wants to enter is prevented from doing so because of the circumstances this year the cut off date for entries is extended for a further month until 30th April 2013

    Neill Mulvie
    For and on behalf of the Highland Society of London