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Need spare part for Andante tenor drum

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  • Need spare part for Andante tenor drum

    I dug out one of my band's old tenor drums which has been in storage; it had no bottom head on it. I went to put one on and discovered that the metallic hoop (ring) is missing a piece. There's a thin plastic grooved cap that is glued to the edge that pushes down on the drum head to seat it along the drum's bearing edge ... but half the cap is missing! That is, it only goes halfway around the ring (like a semi-circle instead of a full circle). There's just the dried sticky adhesive all over the other, uncovered, half of the ring. I assume I'm going to need that missing piece, in order to seat the head properly -- I just have no idea where to get it. Suggestions, anyone? It's an Andante tenor drum, 16-inch, probably about 10 years old.
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